About me

Traditionally, it has been said that 2000 words is what a person needs to be fluent in a foreign language (mostly referring to European languages). Taking after this tradition, the name of this site represents my compromise to quality and to going beyond language excellence.

My interest in translation was stirred early on, while studying Ancient Greek and Latin in high school. I graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of León in 2010, thereafter focusing my efforts in becoming a highly qualified translation professional. Hence, I have completed two master’s degrees at prestigious European institutions: I graduated in 2011 with an MPhil in Literary Translation from Trinity College Dublin and in 2013 with an MSc in Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology from Imperial College London (now being taught at University College London).

In addition, I have held several jobs in between my studies, all of them in the language field. They have been mostly as a translator and as a Spanish and English language and literature teacher, as well as a Translation Project Coordinator at a translation agency. All these positions have helped me to further develop my translation philosophy, emphasising my natural predilection for accuracy and detail.

Having achieved the qualifications that I set for myself years ago, I am now working as a full-time freelance translator.

Moreover, on the sides of work and study I have developed my interest in new technology and activities such as web design. Likewise, I am continuously looking to improve and add more offerings to my services, which is why I have undertaken the gargantuan task of learning Norwegian. Two years after starting, I have already achieved a B2 level, and I plan on including Norwegian > Spanish as a language combination within the next two years.